Special Sir Shiloh vom Erkelenzer Land

        Gen. Cea- frei  / HD B, MDR +/+                   G       e.03.20    

               36 cm Vollzahnig



Ch. Peter Pan  Sparks of the Tempest

 Gen.Cea frei  / HD A


Ch. After Forefer Sparks of the Tempest


Ch. Microgarden´s Look This Way

Ch. Just For Fun Perla z Polabi

  Kristi Sparks of the Tempest


 Ch. Shelteam Linus on the Line 
Portrait Of Rose ze Skalni vyhlidky
 Ch. Tip Top Tosca

vom Erkelenzer Land

 Cea frei  / HD B

Ch. Sherkarl Mr. Smithy 

 Cea frei / HD A

  Ch. Stevlyn Coppersmith at Malaroc

Cea frei / HD A

 Sherkarl Jive Talk
  Ch. Royal Rose vom Erkelenzer Land

 Cea frei  / HD A


Ch. Hjalte´s Skerlad Majestic Sound

Cea frei / HD A

Dreamgirl Debby vom Erkelenzer Land

Cea frei  / HD A